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Welcome to my music site. I am glad you are here!  (For Skip Sams Coaching, click here) As you look around you will notice that this site is more than just my music, it is a message that I am driven to share. You are more than a diagnosis. You are not the sum of your mistakes. You are greater than all of your life experiences combined. You are an amazing light worthy of love. I know this from my own journey. 

I have survived addiction, and illness, and experienced a tragic loss. Yet, today I'm living and thriving! I'm not just a recovering addict, I am also a musician, singer, film music composer,  radio host, teacher, and motivational speaker who gets to share the message of hope with others who are where I used to be. In my past, there were some who said I was unlovable, untouchable, and unforgivable.  Yet, in 2006, when I decided to stop using and asked for help, I started a journey that has shown me just the opposite: I am wholly and fully loved.  If this is true for me, this is true for you. No matter how many scars you have.  

Love All Around,  Skip

There is a song within me, waiting to be heard. Inspired by love, there is peace in every word.” - Skip Sams & Mary Anne Cowgill

I Have A Voice